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826 Home Street, Bronx, New York


Laser 4.7 & Laser Radial Winter Team

Krystal Weir / Krystal Coaching / Laser 4.7 & Laser Radial Winter Team

Laser Radial & 4.7 Winter Training -Boy & Girls Combined 

  • Venue: RBYC Royal Brighton Yacht Club
  • Time 9.30-12noon Sunday
  • Storage- to store your boat you must speak to RBYC to organise, Must be a member of RBYC to participate
  • Includes- Lectures first Tuesday of each month (4 Lectures)
  • Physiotherapy Screen- TBC
  • DATES: Sunday 18th June, 25th June, 16th July, 13th Aug, 20th Aug, 10th Sept, 17th Sept, 1st  Oct, 29th October, 10th Session TBC

Recommend supplementary training with VLA or Yachting Victoria
Events of interest – Spring Sail 23-26th September, Port Philips Sorrento 8- 9th October, Sail Sandy 14-15th October,  RBYC Laser Racing PM 29th October, Sail Country 4th-5th November