Weymonth Pre-Training

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Weymonth Pre-Training

In sunny Weymonth for the start of the Sail for Gold event starting today.

I arrived into Weymonth three days ago in preparation for sailing in the “Sail for Gold” regatta. Day one I arrived down the yacht club for 30knot+ gusts with a 25knot average, with these types of conditions I soon forgot about the jetlag problem, rigged up and screamed out to the starting area.

We all sailed out for 30min downwind towards the course area in a lot of breeze so you can image how far the course is away from the harbour (LONG way). We had a great day with 30girls out racing, I was going fast so no worries with speed. Day Two we had a short traning session just outside the harbour practicing some starting. Yesterday was a day off, so I was then able to experience some local weymonthians…hmm very interesting people.

 I cant wait to get out there! Results will be on the Sail for Gold Website