Perth Worlds ISAF Wrap Up

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Perth Worlds ISAF Wrap Up

It has been a big year of sailing. Traveling to the US, Spain, Germany, Finland, UK & back to Aus. I have posted good scores 2nd Kiel Germany, 3rd Sail Melbourne, 8th Test Event.

The ISAF World Championships has just finished up in Perth, Australia posted some excellent results from Tom (Laser), Matt & Mal (470), Nathan & Goobs (49er)..check it out on It was great to see the Australian Laser Squad really step it up posting very good results overall. Ash Brunning (7th), Tom Burton (9th), Ryan Palk (46th), Jarad West (58th) … Good Work Blackers.

In Perth, I just didn’t find my form finishing up 19th Overall. It is great that the result has qualified Australia for a spot at the Olympics in 2012. The regatta definitely highlighted to me the areas where I can improve. I held back during the starts which put me in a tough position to really push the leaders.

My focus over the past 6months has been on speeding up my downwind skills, we have put headways into ticking this box. I am now reviewing my program with my team in preparation for next year.

The Australian Nationals are just around the corner so it is time to get back on the water!

Sail Hard, No Limits