Weight Gain Am I fit enough?

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Weight Gain Am I fit enough?

With the new season about to start. It is time to go back to basics.
Firstly by asking yourself; Am I fit enough?  Am I the right size for my sport?

If you’re not the right size for your sport it’s really difficult compete at the top level. Specifically sailing is a sport that requires a narrow range to work in. If you are below the ideal weight limit then you will only be competitive in the light winds and be basically ruling yourself out of the competition before it even starts.

After the Beijing Olympics I was 57kg sailing the Yngling. In preparation for 2012 London Olympics in the Laser radial class I had to gain 10kg to be back competitive again. 

Goal: Laser boys are looking to be 78-82kg while the Laser Radial girls is 66kg-70kg depending on your height

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