Sailing onboard Team Wicked

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Sailing onboard Team Wicked

What an amazing trip across from Melbourne to Adelaide. Jokes were flying aplenty for the entire trip.

We couldn’t have ask for better conditions! The wind was amazing with 20knots on a cracked reach for 90% of the trip.

Our crew for the trip was Hughy (amazing cook), Mike (salty sea dog & boat owner), Kate Goss (Bow chick), Azza (Extreme mast climber), Mark (Newbie/ soon becoming the best onboard) & Krystal (Laser sailor/ whats a winch?)

This was my first ever trip outside the heads in the ocean on a yacht. This is stage one of our mission to compete in the Sydney to Hobart at the end of the year.

Follow the team on Team Wicked Facebook page

Below is the link to Lincoln race week Starting 19th February

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