Countdown to Beijing Olympics

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Countdown to Beijing Olympics

This is a pretty amazing update to write as we begin the last leg of the journey to the China Beijing Olympics. I have just come home (to the Village) from the Qingdao Family Lounge where the team members who couldn’t attend the Opening due to their schedules of racing or preference watched the Opening. There was a great fun vibe in the room as the Aussie team enjoyed each others company with family and friends.

On the Yngling front we have;
– Passed measurement which was a bit of a lengthy process
– Been out sailing on the practice race day but didn’t race due to no wind
– Had plenty of meals in the village dinning hall
– Worked out how to use the laundry
– Battled the gym to get onto an exercise bike
– Been out of the “Village Bubble” to get our nails done in Aussie colours along with gold metallic toes.

As a team we are all loving the experience of the Games and having a lot of fun. We are feeling confident that we have ticketed all the boxes with our Rig, Sails, Boat, Skills, and Communication. Now its time to get out there and play our cards.

Thankyou once again for all the support over the years and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side.