Learning to Windsurf

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Learning to Windsurf

It has been a while between updates as I have settled back into life at home at a more realistic pace. Over the past four years it has been non stop towards Beijing. I am now enjoying the more simple aspects of life.

Since the Games I have been learning how to windsurf while studying at Sydney University Physiotherapy. My Sailing career has progressed from the Laser Radial to the Yngling Class. Both classes have developed my life skills considerably.

The Laser class demonstrated the need for self-driven motivation, whereas skippering (the leader) the three person Yngling Class taught team cohesion and working together for team outcomes.

Windsurfing now brings a new dynamic to my on water skills as I learn how to persevere against the odds and demonstrate my ability to make smooth transitions between classes.

This has proven to be a major challenge, as it is out of my comfort zone, bringing out self frustrations at times but a true sense of achievement. I have spent the last four months learning from the best Jessica Crisp (2008 Australian Team Olympic Windsurfing Representative), she is a multiple world champion and has spent considerable time helping me develop my skills on the board.

Over the next year I will be remaining in Australia away from the Olympic circuit developing my basic board skills.