Day 1 Womens Radial Worlds Largs, Scotland

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Day 1 Womens Radial Worlds Largs, Scotland

Today was just one of those days that you just have to learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Today Largs couldn’t provide the sunshine and heatwave that was spreading through elsewhere in Europe. Instead we had cold, raining conditions for most of the day, it was forecasted to remain light but the weather gods decided otherwise with sold 20+knot gusts heading through the course at times around a 15knot average.

The first race was setup underneath the lee of an Island which proved to be quite tricky. In the first race I headed out from a great start everything working to plan, i then tacked across aiming for a duck below a Swedish boat but unfortunately was hit by a gust in which I didn’t let my vang off. I rounded up into her collided and tipped over. By the time I recovered and got myself going the fleet was long gone, bingo end of story. I finished the race but later retired.

The next race was more variable after the wind rounded from 180 to 310. I once again had a great start out of the blocks in 15knots + winds, as we arrived to the top mark the wind decided to become variable 5-10knots in different patches. I rounded well in 7th place, slowly working my way up to 4 or 5th throughout the race. The small beat to the finish provided a little tricky as the wind then went under 5knots with larges shifts, unfortunately I was on the wrong side of it and finished 12th. So over all a tricky day for me, but a great learning curve for tomorrow.

I am really enjoying being back in the Class after two years off, looking forward to tomorrows challenges, bring it on.

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