Day Two Laser Radial Worlds Largs, Scotland

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Day Two Laser Radial Worlds Largs, Scotland

Today was a day for keeping your eyes out of the boat to see whats coming.

I am reasonably happy with today’s progress as it was very tricky. The wind was shifting anyway between 20-30degree, up & down pressure in pockets all over the course around 5-10knots. I was in the first yellow fleet of the day which was great as I was able to get a few more practice starts in as the race committee were starting then relaying the course. The breeze was funneling off the land through the hills and we also had a few rain clouds just to keep us on our toes.

In the first race I was right up there playing with 3rd or 4th at times, the result didn’t really reflect how i was sailing as I ended up on the wrong side of a shift and finished 8th in the race. In race two, I headed out to the right hand side of the course only to find a massive left shift with pressure. I tacked over and the whole entire fleet rounded ahead of me, this put me in 45th. After a second beat recovery I finished around 26th so not a bad come back.

Tomorrow is a new day, cant wait to get out there and try a few new ideas on the race course.

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