Day One 5th & 3rd Palma ISAF Grade One

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Day One 5th & 3rd Palma ISAF Grade One

Yesterday was a fun day on the water, it was 20+knots with 30knot gusts runnning down the course.

We all arrived down the boat park at 9am, I began rigging up with my ipod on. Soon I looked up to see no one else pulling their cover off, not long after I was following suit putting my cover back on my boat and heading upstairs to relax with a coffee. The laser class had decided that we were all going to wait onshore, no flags, no race commitee decisions. We just enjoyed watching the RSX launch and go flying through the air, 470 blasting along the horizon.

Soon it was our go, we all launch off the sandblasting beach. I was the last start of the day, so I was close to last off the beach. I should have waited longer! We didnt start racing for another hour!

We had two great races, with some excellent fun downwind. I was having an absolute ball…i guess that is the beauty of growing up in Melbourne ( heavy wind specialist). The only buggar was the massively long sail in, no coach for this event so it turned into a pretty long day.

Tomorrow wind is forecasted 10-15knots ..possible seabreeze. Will keep you posted!