Arrival into Palma Spain

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Arrival into Palma Spain

Hi All,

I have arrived into Palma Mallorca after an eventful trip over to Europe. The first part of the trip Melbourne – Singapore ran without a glitch. The plane was late to leave Singapore which meant we missed our timeslot over the top of Afganistan so we had to divert adding an extra 2hrs to our flight. This materialized into a missed flight to Barcelona, missed flight to Palma meaning my bags didn’t make the trip down for three days and a 100 euro change of flight fee to Palma which I have to say was a little painful. The end result is I made it to Palma.

The next logistical event was the arrival of my laser from Weymonth. My boat has been stored up in Weymonth for the past year with the Baldwin family. Many people were involved in seeing my boat arrive into Palma. It was first handed over from Colin Baldwin to Charlotte Dobson packed onto her car on the morning of the 23rd March 8am, driven down to the Sailing Academy handed to Hans the driver for the USA 470 team before 10am. Hans arrived to find no light board, corroded breaks and a very overloaded trailer, after some quick maneuvering he was on the road to Barcelona. In Barcelona Paige Railey arrived to pick her up and load her onto the laser trailer. Everything was then loaded onto the overnight ferry to Palma before being unloaded down at the Yacht Club in Can Pastilla Palma.

My arrival was relatively smooth as I found my accommodation, caught up with training partner Marit (NED) and her coach Mark Little John. Went for a quick late sail with Paige before calling it a night and letting the jetlag set in.

Over the past two days we have been out training on the race course practicing starts and speed work. Today looks to be turning into a relaxing coffee day due to no wind. Since being in Spain I have learnt two important phases: Kerio Uno Café porfavore (One coffee please) & Donde est e Banyo (where is the bathroom) with this under my belt I believe I will be just fine in Spain.

Happy Sailing

PS. The regatta begins on the 4th April -9th April. For results go to….
Big Thankyou to all involved in the boat transportation, you where all amazing!